IB2000 Floor Burnisher

The IB2000 is the ultimate burnisher for restoring floors to their rightful sheen. It comes equipped with dust control capability, and our incorporation of an induction motor results in a longer lifespan and less maintenance than the DC motors used on other burnishers. It cleans better, lasts longer, and minimizes stressful repairs.

  • An air pressure assisted floating handle, ensuring burnishing pressure remains constant at all times. A true pioneer
  • An LED pad pressure indication system, further ensuring consistent burnishing pressure
  • A passive, vortex dust control system, keeps the surroundings from getting dusty
  • Designed for ultra high speed burnishing requirements
  • Newly designed skirting to prevent dust from escaping during burnishing
  • An overloading prevention system, prolonging lifespan of motor
Standard Accessories:
  • 19" Pad Holder
  • Cloth Bag
List Price without Batteries:

€ 1800 EUR

List Price with Lead Acid Batteries:

€ n/a EUR

List Price with AGM Maintenance Free Batteries:

€ n/a EUR